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Does Firefox support and if yes:

  1. how to check its content?
  2. how to clear it separately from resources cache?
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Mozilla doesn't give much information, but it looks like it is cached, but that cache doesn't have a nice interface for clearing it. ( shows talking about changing the format of the cache list, so it must exist!)

Having said that, if you have control over the server, you can specify Access-Control-Max-Age to force a maximum lifespan. See

Also this answer to a related question says that Google Chrome limits the cache to 5 minutes:

Update: Mozilla has a limit of 24 hours: (the line number he links to is out-of-date; it's 844 now). Also looking through the code he references, it looks like it will be cleared when the browser closes, but there is no other way to clear it. I could be mistaken though.

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