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I use rails 3.2 and I want to prevent mass-assignment. I have parent-child relationship.

class Parent < ActiveRecord:Base
    has_many :children
    attr_accessible :name
class Child < ActiveRecord:Base
    belongs_to :parent
    attr_accessible :title

In my routes.rb child resource is not nested within parent resource. Now I have a link to create a new child with new_child_path( This directs me to localhost:3000/child/new?parent_id=1 and I end up in new action:

def new
    @child =
    @parent = Parent.find(params[:parent_id])
    @child.parent = @parent

My question is: how to write my _form.html.erb for a child entity? I cannot use f.hidden_field for parent_id because in my create action it would break up because of mass-assignment. On the other hand I need to pass parent_id to know my parent when I save child. I haven't found a good working example for this.

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You should read up on Rails' nested resources.

Some links:

-- EDIT 1 --

Based on your comment of not having more than one level of nesting, you could also have the following route configuration:

resources :grandparents do
    resources :parents

resources :parents do
    resources :children

This way, you can still have the parent child relationship, without the overheads of multiple levels of nesting. You could also namespace your controllers to keep things clean, eg:

resources :grandparents do
    resources :parents, :controller => "grandparent/parent"

resources :parents do
    resources :children
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I did read but I've followed a rule: Resources should never be nested more than 1 level deep, so I dropped my nested resources. – Tomasz Kalkosiński May 30 '12 at 12:20
@TomaszKalkosiński Updated answer. – zsquare May 30 '12 at 12:24
This solves an issue of having parent_id in my URL while creating a book. Too bad this routes practice is not widely popular. Thank you. – Tomasz Kalkosiński May 30 '12 at 12:38

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