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Can anyone tell me how i can get the value for project_title, project_id, level_of_want, and selection_id. When i submit this i get No database selected error.

$query_Name = "SELECT u.Student_Surname, u.Student_Forename, p2.Project_Title,     
p2.Project_id, s.level_of_want, s.selection_id
FROM users u
INNER JOIN projects p2 ON u.id = p2.Project_Lecturer
INNER JOIN selection s ON p2.Project_id = s.id_project
INNER JOIN users u2 ON s.student_id = u2.id
WHERE u2.Username = ".$_SESSION['MM_Username']." ORDER BY selection_id ASC" ;
$Name = mysql_query($query_Name, $projectsite) or die(mysql_error());
$row_Name = mysql_fetch_assoc($Name);
$totalRows_Name = mysql_num_rows($Name);
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did you open a db connection with mysql_select_db and mysql_connect previously? –  Sebas May 30 '12 at 12:35

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after connecting to mysql server base you should explicitly select database using mysql_select_db function

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Sorry i rushed to enter. I meant i cant get the values as when i submit i get the No database selected error. –  Nathan Link Abiola May 30 '12 at 12:34
@NathanLinkAbiola mysql_select_db('db_name') must be missing in connection. –  Leri May 30 '12 at 12:36
see my edited answer –  heximal May 30 '12 at 12:38
Thanks lads, seemed i had the mysql_select_db in the wrong location –  Nathan Link Abiola May 30 '12 at 12:58

we need to see how do you connect

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mysql_select_db($database_projectsite, $projectsite); –  Nathan Link Abiola May 30 '12 at 12:39
and how do you set the $projectsite –  khaled_webdev May 30 '12 at 12:43
see this manual –  khaled_webdev May 30 '12 at 12:44

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