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We are currently working on a Java project with neo4j.

We use Spring Data Neo4j and get most of the information out of the Good Relationships book.

This document states, that the standard entity type representation in the graph is IndexingNodeTypeRepresentationStrategy.

For our project we would prefer the one with subreference nodes.

How can we configure neo4j to use this strategy when working with repositories. We started with the HelloWorld example, so we currently have a repository interface as follows:

public interface IWebsiteGraphRepository extends GraphRepository<Website> {}

Additionally we have our node entity (I omit most of the irrelevant code):

public class Website {

Can anyone provide a small example of how to set the TypeRepresentationStrategy ?

Can this be done in the Spring configuration?

The config would be:

<context:annotation-config />
<tx:annotation-driven mode="aspectj" transaction-manager="neo4jTransactionManager" />
<context:component-scan base-package="my.base">
    <context:exclude-filter type="annotation" 
                  expression="org.springframework.stereotype.Controller" />
<neo4j:config storeDirectory="target/neo4j-db" />
<neo4j:repositories base-package="my.base.packages.repositories" />


After another session I finally was able to get it to work! I started based on Michael Hungers answer, but was not able to create the Bean. I found where his example may be from: gitHub. This, however, still did not work for me. I began looking deeper into the source code of the TypeRepresentationStrategyFactory class. I found out, that Strategy is a private enumeration. This is the second constructor arg I tried to provide. In my project it did never detect it as of type Strategy.

First I was a little sceptic, because Strategy is private. I mean, I couldn't even instanciate a TypeRepresentationStrategyFactory in Code, because it would not find the type Strategy. I soon found out, that Spring supposedly can do things like that: Beans with private constructor.

In the end I had to adjust Michaels solution, as it was not identifying the constructor argument whatsoever. No matter what I did. Maybe it's my setup, I really don't know. But finally I came up with the solution to create a bean from the private enumeration and provide this as a reference to the constructor:

<bean id="subref" factory-method="valueOf"

<bean id="typeRepresentationStrategyFactory"
    <constructor-arg index="0" ref="delegatingGraphDatabase" />
    <constructor-arg index="1" ref="subref" />
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This should do:

<bean id="typeRepresentationStrategyFactory" class="org.springframework.data.neo4j.support.typerepresentation.TypeRepresentationStrategyFactory">
    <constructor-arg index="0" ref="graphDatabaseService"/>
    <constructor-arg index="1" value="SubRef"/>
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Thank you. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. The bean fails to create with the error 'Could not resolve matching constructor'. I tried without the constructor arg Subref, and it works. I even tried adding the type or name property to the constructor-arg tag. It didn't change anything. I found the constructor: public TypeRepresentationStrategyFactory(GraphDatabase graphDatabaseService,Strategy strategy) and I don't really see why this doesn't work. Is it because the Strategy type is private for the TypeRepresentationStrategyFactory? –  Slomo Jun 1 '12 at 9:40
@Slomo did you get this working in the end? –  Rob Kielty Jun 13 '12 at 13:10
@Rob Unfortunately I had little time for testing around. I will have some spare time the next few days and try it again. I would really like to mark it as 'answer' ;) but I can't do it yet. –  Slomo Jun 13 '12 at 16:23
Well if you can throw the code that you have up on to GitHub I would be happy to provide an assist. –  Rob Kielty Jun 13 '12 at 17:49
Interesting, b/c I took the code sample out of the config of a working Test. Can you share your config? (Perhaps on the Neo4j Google group or Spring Forums) –  Michael Hunger Jun 13 '12 at 22:25

You can do this :

<bean id="typeRepresentationStrategyFactory" class="org.springframework.data.neo4j.support.typerepresentation.TypeRepresentationStrategyFactory">
    <constructor-arg index="0" ref="graphDatabaseService"/>
    <constructor-arg index="1">
        <value type="org.springframework.data.neo4j.support.typerepresentation.TypeRepresentationStrategyFactory.Strategy">SubRef</value>
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