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How are static variables with the same name in different functions identified by the System?

How does compiler make the difference between two local static variables that have the same name, but are defined in two different (static) member functions?

class Type
        static void fun()
            static bool sameName = false;

            // work with sameName

        static void moreFun()
            static bool sameName = false;

            // work with sameName
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it has to do with scope.

the sameName exists in two different scopes / in this case two function scopes

so internally the variables maybe are referred to with names fun.sameName and moreFun.sameName (names just arbtitrary invented by me but show the principle).

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This is what I thought. There is no way to access those variables from outside of functions, even if they are existing for the duration of the program? –  tmaric May 30 '12 at 12:59
@tomislav-maric If the function returns a pointer or reference to them, then you can access them outside the function using that pointer/reference. Otherwise, there's no way to get at them (well, it may be possible if you're running it in a debugger to inspect them -- that would depend on the debugger). –  Edward Loper May 30 '12 at 13:01
@Edward: thanks! –  tmaric May 31 '12 at 7:35

In the C++ SPEC(eg:N3337) say:

3 The keyword static can be used to declare a local variable with static storage duraion.

(Page: 62; section 3.7.1 Static storage duration)

In your case, the variable static bool sameName is belong to the scope of the function fun. And the other variable static bool sameName is belong to the scope of the function moreFun. These two static variables belong to different scope. The static keyword effect to duration only, it's not effect scope.

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