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RoR Controller:

def destroy 
    @pagechildren =  Page.where("parent_id = ?", params[:id]) 
    @pagechildren.update_all({parent_id: -1}) if @pagechildren.count > 
    flash[:success] = 
t('activerecord.errors.controllers.message.attributes.page.page_destroy_suc cess') 
    redirect_to pages_path 

Test RSpec

     it "should remove parent_id from children" do 
       @page2 = Factory(:page) 
       @pagechild = Factory(:page) 
       @pagechild[:parent_id] = @page2.id 
       lambda do 
          delete :destroy, :id => @page2 
change(@pagechild, :parent_id).from(@page2.id).to(-1) 

The code works correctly (), but

Код все корректно обрабатывает (catches 'id' delete pages, and for all children parent_id changes to -1). But rspec test is fail.


Factory.define :page do |page| 
  page.name "Name example page" 
  page.title "Title example page" 
  page.content "Content example page" 
  page.metadescription "metadescription example page" 
  page.metakeywords "metakeywords example page" 
  page.head "head example page" 
  page.ismenu true 
  page.order_id -1 
  page.parent_id -1 

test is red =( what's wrong?

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rspec test says: parent_id is not changed by -1 –  Danko May 30 '12 at 12:57
Please narrow down which assertion fails and what's the code that is tested by that. –  Niklas B. May 30 '12 at 12:58
too much code for a controller action, try to move it to the model, something like: Page.find(params[:id]).destroy_unsetting_children. BTW, what database is this that requires the foreign key to be set to -1 instead of NULL? –  tokland May 30 '12 at 14:06
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your code will update all children in the db. but not your test instance :) try this:

it "should remove parent_id from children" do 
       @page2 = Factory.create(:page) 
       @pagechild = Factory.create(:page) 
       @pagechild[:parent_id] = @page2.id 
       delete :destroy, :id => @page2 
       @pagechild.reload.parent_id.should == -1
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thanks a lot! cool, it's work –  Danko May 30 '12 at 17:40
glad, accept answer pls :) –  Viktor Trón May 30 '12 at 20:12
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delete :destroy, :id => @page2.id

and show rspec output if it still doesn't work.

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