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I want to create additional buttons in fancybox (close around border of image). I tried to use beforeShow() and afterShow() method, but when I call inside this.content or this.inner, I get a javascript error - those variables are undefined.

Other thing is, that I have to get other attributes of each A element. So when I call this.rel, or this.alt I've got undefined error again.

Do you have some ideas how to find a solution for my problem?

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Please update the question with the code you are trying or build a jsfiddle. –  lucuma May 30 '12 at 13:47

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You can try appending any new html to the .fancybox-wrap container using the afterShow callback like:

afterShow : function(){
 var myContent = '<div id="myContent">{my html content here}</div>'; 

use CSS to position (absolutely) the new content inside the box

it would be also a good idea to remove it afterClose, otherwise it would be added over again next time you open fancybox

afterClose: function(){
 $(".fancybox-wrap #myContent").remove();

On the other hand, in order to get other attributes from the selector that fired fancybox, use $(this.element) inside any callback function like:

beforeShow: function(){
 var thisAlt = $(this.element).attr("alt");
 var thisRel = $(this.element).attr("rel");

you can also use HTML5 data-* attributes like

<a class="fancybox" data-width="500" data-height="320" ....

and get their values like

var thisWidth = $(this.element).data("width");
var thisHeight = $(this.element).data("height");

or assign directly a new size to fancybox using those values like

afterShow: function(){
   this.width = $(this.element).data("width");
   this.height = $(this.element).data("height");

NOTE: all this information applies to fancybox v2.x. only.

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