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Is it possible to update existing mongoDB collection with new data. I am using hadoop job to read write data to mongo. Required scenario is :- Say first collection in mongo is

"ID" : 1,
"value" : "aaa"
"value2" : null

after reading data from mongo and processing data, mongoDB should contain

"ID" : 1,
"value" : "aaa"
"value2" : "bbb"

If possible, please provide some dummy code.

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Can't you use a simple update with a $set basicDBObject? –  peshkira May 30 '12 at 14:40

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BasicBSONObject query=new BasicBSONObject();
query.append("fieldname", value);
BasicBSONObject update=new BasicBSONObject();

update.append("$set", new BasicBSONObject().append("newfield",value));
MongoUpdateWritable muw=new MongoUpdateWritable(query,update,false,true);
contex.write(key, muw);

query:is used for providing condition(matching condition). update:is used for adding new field and value in existing collection. MongoUpdateWritable:3'rd parameter is upsert value(same as mongodb) 4'th parameter is multiple update in many documents in a collection.

set in Driver class job.setOutputValueClass(MongoUpdateWritable.class);

compile latest mango-hadoop1.1.0 jar file from github.

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I have done it by extending org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.RecordWriter and overriding write method of this class.

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The Mongo-Hadoop Connector doesn't currently suppor this feature. You can open a feature request in the MongoDB Jira if you like.

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