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Using RF 4.1 I am trying to style the default dragIndicator (the one used when none is defined). When I use a custom dragIndicator, I can style it using the class rf-ind-drag, but the default dragIndicator only has the class ui-draggable.

The problem with ui-draggable is, that it is already set before dragging, so my component has the dragging style before I start dragging it.

How can I style the default dragIndicator or make the custom one look like the component that I am dragging (I drag tree nodes)?

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It does what I want, when I define the dragIndicator inside the treeNode.

<rich:treeNode type="FIELD" iconCollapsed="/images/field_icon.gif" iconExpanded="/images/field_icon.gif"
    <h:outputText value="#{node.nodeName}" />
    <rich:dragSource dragValue="#{node}" type="FIELD" dragIndicator="fieldIndicator" />
    <rich:dragIndicator id="fieldIndicator">
        <h:outputText value="#{node.nodeName}" />
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