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I want to find all the foreign keys of an entity in my entity model.

I have used the following to get a list of all the properties for an entity:

var workspace = _entities.MetadataWorkspace; 
var entityType = workspace.GetItems<EntityType>(DataSpace.CSpace).FirstOrDefault(e => e.Name == tablename);
var keyNames = entityType.Members.Select(k => k.Name);

Is there any way to find only those properties which have foreign key associations? And also that property in the reference entity with which it is associated?

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I worked out the solution:

var fk = _entities.MetadataWorkspace.GetItems<AssociationType>(DataSpace.CSpace).Where(a => a.IsForeignKey);
//check if the table has any foreign constraints for that column
var fkname = fk.Where(x => x.ReferentialConstraints[0].ToRole.Name == tablename).Where(x => x.ReferentialConstraints[0].ToProperties[0].Name == columnname);
//Get the corresponding reference entity column name
var refcol = fkname.Select(x => x.ReferentialConstraints[0].FromProperties[0].Name).First();
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