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How can we check if the input number is either positive or negative in LiveValidation?

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easier way is to multiply the contents with 1 and then compare with 0 for +ve or -ve

   var n=$("#...").val() * 1;
        //...Do stuff for +ve num
       ///...Do stuff -ve num


 var n=$("#...").val()*1;
 if (n.match(new RegExp(^\d*\.{0,1}\d*$))) {
   // +ve numbers (with decimal point like 2.3)
 } else if(n.match(new RegExp(^-\d*\.{0,1}\d*$))){
   // -ve numbers (with decimal point like -5.34)
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regular expression for checking positive number – Nazmul Hasan Jul 4 '09 at 8:40
    if ((new Number( $('#numberInput').val()) < 0)
        // Number is negative
        // Otherwise positive
} catch ( error)
    alert( "Not a number!");
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You can also use JavaScript's method eg:

var pos_value = Math.abs(n_val);

Thanks Dev

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The question is finding negative number, not converting to positive numner. – prakashstar42 Dec 9 '14 at 9:01

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