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On this fiddle the divs 'Hello 01' & 'Hello 02' fire an alert when they are clicked. When i click 'Add New' a new div is added but when I click on this div the alert is not fired even though it is styled with same css .

How can I amend this so that the alert is fired when a new div is appended ?

Code from jsFiddle for posterity


$(function() {
    $(".myDivs").click(function() {

    function get() {
        $(".connected").append("<div class=\"myDivs\">hello</div>");


<div class="connected">
    <div class="myDivs">Hello 01</div>
    <div class="myDivs">Hello 02</div>
<input name="Button3" type="button" value="Add New" id="button">

​ ​

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You need delegate event handler, because your way on bind event only bind event to existing DOM .myDivs, but not for upcoming.

$(".connected").on('click', '.myDivs', function() {


For more detail go here

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That's because your jQuery is using the document.ready to make the assignment. Because this element was not present at the load, it does not have this assignment. You need to make this assignment separately.

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it's okay to put this in docready. he just needs to make sure he uses the appropriate jQuery method (which in this case is .on(...) – CoryDorning May 30 '12 at 13:49

the answer thecodeparadox gave is valid. But I went ahead and updated your fiddle to fully match the latest jQuery convention.


Here's a link to the jQuery documentation for more information: jQuery .on()

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