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I've a little issue and google doesn't helped me...

i integrated in my application facebook sdk, and then when i try to dismiss feed dialog the application freezes with loading progress dialog visible, and i must kill the application.

If i tap on "post" the message is successfully posted on the my facebook wall, but the dialog freeze and i can't do anything.

This is my simple code to call the feed dialog:

this.facebook.dialog(this.context, "feed", new HTFeedDialogListener(this.context, success, error));

When i try to dismiss the dialog with "cancel" or with "Post" In the overrided method onPageStarted is called with the following url as parameter:

but the method onPageFinished or shouldOverrideUrlLoading is never called.

Anyone has noticed about this strange behavior? I'm using Galxy s2 and Galaxy tab 10.1


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This problem is caused because i use facebook feed dialog in my external android library. To solve it i run dialg on main ui thread with this code:

mainActivity.runOnUiThread(new Runnable(){
 public void run() {
         mFacebook.dialog(getContext() , "feed",  feedParams, new SimpleDialogListener()));
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