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According to Apple documentation on NSHTTPCookieStorage

The NSHTTPCookieStorage class provides the interface for managing the collection of NSHTTPCookie objects shared by all applications.

Therefore, If I'm not mistaken, since a Webview on OS X uses NSHTTPCookieStorage, and Safari uses Webviews, if I login on a given website on a Webview, Safari will use the cookies that has been set by the Webview and when the same website is opened by Safari, it should be authenticated.

My question is, if cookies are shared between Safari and Webviews. If so, why the test above is not working ?

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In my experience, on OS X, the answer is a resounding yes. Cookies do appear to be shared between Safari and WebViews.

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Per discussion at Understanding NSHTTPCookieStorage for the iPhone, cookies are not shared between applications.

This is confirmed in the documentation under the "Cookie Storage" section:

iOS Note: Cookies are not shared by applications in iOS.

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Well, in his question, he does say "on OS X", which oddly enough, is not iOS. ;-) –  lnafziger Jan 13 '13 at 6:30

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