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I can see both test projects from the NUnit Gui (loaded separately) but I can not see both projects from the Visual Studio Test View. The Test View only shows the first/original project. Hitting reload doesn't do anything. How do I get the Test View to display the second/later project? It should show both at the same time/same view, yes?

If I can only see one project's test in the Test View by design, how do I get the Test View to change projects?


I created the second project by hand ie not "create a test" as a project library with the nunit.framework.dll referenced. I checked the assembly files of the two projects as well as the properties and they look the same.

I'm on VS 2010 Professional using NUnit with "Visual NUnit 2010" version 1.2.4 extension installed.

I have one NUnit test project that is working both in VS Test View and NUnit Gui. I added a second project with a [TestFixture] class and a [Test] method. All projects build sucessfully. Both tests refer to the nunit.framework.dll in a parent directory to both.

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The project files don't show anything obvious. I created a new test project, ripped out mstest and added in NUnit and now the project shows up along with the other NUnit project in the Test View. Definitely a hack instead of a fix. –  DFBerry May 30 '12 at 16:54

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There is a tag in the project file describing a project as a test project.

In the PropertyGroup section of the csprj file, add this:


See more details here: http://www.kindblad.com/2010/08/07/how-to-change-an-existing-visual-studio-project-into-a-test-project

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