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I'm going to work in the next weeks on a visualisation project on android tablets and mobile devices. This is a kind of project where there is webservices calls, databases and little processing but a lot of data visualisation and manipulation. Mainly 2D (advanced charts and advanced graphs). Like

And I was wondering if there was some framework on android that could accelerate my devs. I heard about game engine (like AndEnine and cocos) but i'm looking for something more like Any idea?

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You might be able to use a graphing library like or

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Not really what I'm looking for. But thanks for helpin. – Gomoku7 May 30 '12 at 16:50

I am also currently looking for a framwork that could do this. Up to now the best I could find was JUNG ( JUNG uses swing in its renderer, so to use it with android a new renderer would need to be built.

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