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I am using deep zoom composer to generate XAP and html files and they works fine for me. Currently, I want to retrieve the information about which image the end user is clicked, and I want to display the description information for the user clicked image in another Silverlight TextBox control on the same page. The description informaiton is currently stored in a database, and has WCF interface. So, I need to know which image in the whole deep zoom area is clicked (support I have 100 images, 10 images in a row and 10 rows).

Any reference samples or documents? I am using Silverlight 2.0 + VSTS 2008 + .Net + C# + IIS 7.0 on Windows Vista x86 Enterprise.

thanks in advance, George

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projectsilverlight Wilfred Pinto posted interesting solution to find the image index of the selected image. go check out here

I used the index to loop through the MetaData.xml collection to find the tags associated image..

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