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I'm using the Graph Explorer, and I'm choosing my application from the Application Drop Down List.

I'm having to access this photo

When i choose the application, facebook automatically the access token for the app and I'm being able to view the photo details.

However, in my php application, when i do


Its not working, from what i know, the access token is wrong because I'm trying to echo the access token and I check it. Thus, the problem is the access token

Does someone has an idea??

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The Graph API explorer automatically generates a user access token, which gives the app the ability to act on a user's behalf. - in this case, your own account.

The getAccessToken() method in the SDK, if used standalone (i.e not as part of the documented Auth flow) will return an App Access Token, which although usable with the API won't be able to view any content unless it's Publicly visible

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what do you mean "Publicly visible"? where do i check this? – t q Jul 19 '12 at 13:03
If it comes back via the API on a request without a user access token, it's publicly visible – Igy Jul 19 '12 at 15:15

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