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I am working on a Web application that is a Hybrid of Webforms and MVC2. (using .Net 3.5)

So far I have been developing using the Visual Studio web server but am trying to switch to use the IIS Express server provided within Visual Studio 2010.

When I run the application in IIS Express the Webforms are fine but when I try to navigate to an MVC page I get 404 errors.

This is working fine with the Visual Studio Webserver.

Any ideas on how to configure IIS Express - lots of googling so far and nothing...

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Have done some further searching on this and found the answer on the following blog: MvcRouting

About halfway down this blog there is a section about adding URL Routing Modules and Handlers. This solved the problem. I also had to add the session bits at the bottom of the post.

Solved! :-))

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