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in my winforms application I would create a custom syntax highlight, so I made this xml:

  <Language Name="default">
      <Style Name="Default" FontName="Consolas"/>

  <Language Name="customSql">
    <Lexer LineCommentPrefix="--" StreamCommentPrefix="/* " StreamCommentSuffix=" /*" LexerName="customSql" >
      <Keywords List="0">
        Data Source Initial Catalog User Id Password Database Server Trusted_Connection
        Integrated Security Network Library User Instance AttachDbFilename Failover Partner
        Asynchronous Processing Uid Pwd Provider SSPI

      <Sytle Name="CHARACTER" ForeColor="Black"/>
      <Sytle Name="NUMBER" ForeColor="Red" />

Looks fine for me. In my application I set the language and further properties as:

myC.ConfigurationManager.Language = "customSql";
myC.ConfigurationManager.CustomLocation = Global.Path + @"Resources\ScintillaNET.xml";

I cannot figure why this still doesn't work. I have no exception, simply the text remain black. Any hints?

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Perhaps because you set the ForeColor to Black, but never set the BackColor to something other than black?

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Hi, I've also remove that node but nothing happens. I could try to recompile ScintillaNET including my custom xml but I also think that should be an easier way –  Ras May 31 '12 at 9:55

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