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I have an project writen in action script. Because I have multiple customers that need essentially the same application but with different assets, I'd like to automate the build process.

I found out that there is a MakePackage.jar and MakePackage.exe which can be used to repackage my project and can be called through the command line. However, I only get output when I enter incorrect parameters.

Thank you in advance.

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See here. Read under "Packaging Applications with the Command Line"

To build and package your application through the command line:

Run the following commands:

cd \Tools\MakePackage MakePackage.exe TYPE_OPTION PROJECT_PATH

Where PROJECT_PATH is the absolute path of the project to be packaged and TYPE_OPTION is the build configuration to be used:

-td = Target-Debug -tr = Target-Release For example, the MakePackage.exe -tr C:\MyWorkspace\MyProject command builds and packages the bada application project stored under C:\MyWorkspace\MyProject with the Target-Release configuration.

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