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For security, I want to upload employee contracts to the hidden server side path. The upload works fine.

However, I also want to be able to download or view that file when I am logged in the front end of my website, with a seceret link. Is this possible?

Any other ideas?

Joomla website, hosted on Rack Space Cloud Sites.

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Sure, upload the file to a directory outside the webroot, or a directory with a .htaccess file that contains "deny from all". Have a sql table that maps the primary key to the file name, the file's content-type and access control information and other metadata about this file. Then save the file as the primary key, so /uploads/1.

Then to download the file, burn a sql query to figure out if they should be able to download the file.

header("content-type: ".$q['content_type']);
print file_get_contents("./uplaods/".intval($q['id']));
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