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I know this is relatively trivial but I'm new to C++ and am getting lost between all the library functions.

In the directory of the program I'm running I have some files with a name of the form SUFFIX_ordinal.xml. (F.E.: SUFFIX_34.xml, SUFFIX_75.xml..)

I need to iterate through all the files in the directory, find these files and extract their ordinals. (F.E.: 34, 75).

Can you help? I don't even know where to start. Thank you.

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Do you know how to iterate files in the directory? Numerals are fixed size 00,01,35,99 or variable size 1,2,42,24024? Suffixes are fixed to three characters? – Alessandro Pezzato May 30 '12 at 15:56

Typically boost.filesystem to iterate through the file names.

Though many people wouldn't approve, extracting the ordinals may be easiest with sscanf, something like: sscanf(filename, "SUFFIX_%d.xml", &ordinal);

If you prefer to avoid sscanf (hard to blame you), it's still fairly easy with something like a stringstream:

std::stringstream buffer(filename);

buffer.ignore(100, '_');
buffer >> ordinal;
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