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i will create ftp account in plesk using php that ever user register in site can have an ftp account with his username and password . i found many php api for cpanel but in plesk i can't find any thing ? can you help me ?

thank you so a lot before !

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FTP user creation in Plesk Via SSH

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my server is windows server 2003 . can i use this article for windows server ? – dashtebash Jul 4 '09 at 18:47
No, that tutorial won't work on Windows. – ceejayoz Jul 4 '09 at 19:01
there are no solution for plesk on windows 2003 ? – dashtebash Jul 5 '09 at 5:33

I only run Plesk on CentOS, but there should be a similar directory on the Windows side. That being said, here's where I'd look - /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin. The filename I use is "ftpmng". Maybe search in the PSA directory for that. Here's what I get for help docs on that:

Usage: ftpmng [OPTIONS]...

        create configuration files for all domains
  --reconfigure --vhost-name=<domain_name>

  --set-disk-quota --vhost-name=<domain_name> --quota=<quota>

  --get-disk-usage --vhost-name=<domain_name>

  --update-user --user-name=<user_name>

  --remove-user --user-name=<user_name>

  --kill-proftpd-process --user-name=<user_name> --pid=<pid>

        returns PHP code which reflects state of several features support in ftpmng.
  -h, --help
        display this help and exit
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please confirm what plesk version you used.

Normally, plesk provides the xml-rpc API for Developer, easily can create ftp and many others with php,java, c#.

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