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There's a Stored Procedure in my database which keeps restoring to the old one, I Alter the stored procedure using Management Studio, however some time later, unexpectedly, the stored procedure changes to the one before Alter! This has happened several times during past hours!

I am certain that nowhere inside the program or manually I change the Stored Procedure. I checked all Agent Jobs, There's only one Maintenance job for hourly backup, and another one for Replication, however Replication Schema Changes is set to false, and Stored Procedures are not defined in the list of Publication Articles

Is there any other possible reason for this behavior? Do I need to manually set a CHECKPOINT in the SQL Server database?

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just guessing here, but did you search all you proc or app code to see if it is doing any of it? mabe something is scripted somewhere and it just keeps altering it back to the original. – Limey May 30 '12 at 16:09
Limey: Yes, I do not use any sort of script or ADO connection to change database – Kamyar Nazeri May 30 '12 at 16:12
Is it happening more often that your hourly backup? can you track its status before and after your hourly job runs? – Limey May 30 '12 at 16:21
No, it happens in, say, 2 to 3 hours intervals! – Kamyar Nazeri May 30 '12 at 16:26
can you turn on logging and see if any other alter commands come thru? – Limey May 30 '12 at 16:30
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You could create a DDL trigger to log ALTER_PROCEDURE events like this:

CREATE TABLE dbo.AlterLog(EventType VARCHAR(50)
, ObjectName VARCHAR(256)
, ObjectType VARCHAR(25)
, LoginName VARCHAR(256)




INSERT INTO dbo.AlterLog(EventType, ObjectName, ObjectType, TSQLCommand, LoginName)
VALUES(@data.value('(/EVENT_INSTANCE/EventType)[1]', 'varchar(50)'), 
@data.value('(/EVENT_INSTANCE/ObjectName)[1]', 'varchar(256)'), 
@data.value('(/EVENT_INSTANCE/ObjectType)[1]', 'varchar(25)'), 
@data.value('(/EVENT_INSTANCE/TSQLCommand)[1]', 'varchar(max)'), 
@data.value('(/EVENT_INSTANCE/LoginName)[1]', 'varchar(256)')
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Thank you John, I didn't know, Trigger works for Database! I used the trigger, and turns out it was the Publication database that kept changing my Stored Procedure whenever Replication Agent is running! The Publication DBA had told us that no Schema Changes are being replicated, obviously he is wrong. thanks again – Kamyar Nazeri May 30 '12 at 16:55
Glad that helped, you are welcome:) – John Dewey May 30 '12 at 16:56

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