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My current retention rule is like so:

priority = 110
pattern = ^stats\.whatever\..*
retentions = 60:10080,600:262974

If I understand correctly, this will save 2 days of 1 minute data and 5 years of ten minute data.

I have been sending data to graphite for the last couple of hours and I can see the a graph of this data but only for ranges less than 7 hours. If I try to visualize this data for a range of, for example, 1 day, the resulting graph doesn't show a single data point.

Is this caused by my retention rule?

thanks in advance.

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I had a similar problem; for me it wasn't the retention rules, but the aggregation rules. By default, my counters were being assigned to --agggregationMethod average and -xFilesFactor 0.5. But my data was nowhere near that dense, so the aggregator was throwing away my data on the grounds that there wasn't a statistically significant sample available.

In my particular use case, I was interested in the peak value over some time period, so I used to reconfigure my database: --aggregationMethod max, --xFilesFactor 0.0 gave me the behavior I was expecting.

See also storage-aggregation.conf

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I had this same problem. After you change your retention rules, you need to restart If you want to keep the data you have you need to run on your whisper files (.wsp).

This link should help too:

However in that link, the parameters passed to are in the wrong order. It should be <file> <retention rate>

Here's a helpful command for resizing: find /opt/graphite/storage/whisper -type f -name "*.wsp" -exec {} <retention rate> \;

Adjust it as needed.

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