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I upgraded to OS X Lion and Xcode 4.3.2. After the upgrade, when I open Organizer and select the Root folder for any of our SVN projects, I immediately get an "Unable to load revisions" message and I cannot see the folder information. I am entering my credentials correctly and tried the solutions from here and here and it still does not work. How to solve this?

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I found the error. I use MacPorts to manage the installation of open source software, like SVN in this case. According to the MacPorts migration guide, it is recommended to reinstall Xcode and MacPorts after an OS upgrade, if there are any issues. So I uninstalled all my ports and then MacPorts according to this guide. I then installed the latest version of MacPorts for OS X Lion from the MacPorts download directory. Finally, I did a self update of MacPorts, just in case, and re-installed SVN. I was then able to see all SVN projects in Organizer.

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