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I was trying to implement paypal Recurring just like ARB in to charge monthly billing to the user what I found is this and I also found the source code here.

But I am unable to find my my_api_username, my_api_password, my_api_signature as they were required in the api

$API_UserName = urlencode('my_api_username');
$API_Password = urlencode('my_api_password');
$API_Signature = urlencode('my_api_signature');

And I am unable to find them in my account in profile tab, if you have any code sample and anyone can guide me where can I find these variables in my account. I want to implement this for sandbox.

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Here's a post which shows you where you can find that information:

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Thanks peacemarker I saw on that post you linked that I will need a premier or link account to get username/pass and signature – Shehzad Nizamani Jun 2 '12 at 17:31

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