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How important it is that a Google search for the name will return no result?

If the library is written in Java and a search for 'java libname' returns 10,000s results, does it mean you should try harder and find a name that's availble?

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That's not a very good criteria as Google will return all documents containing the word Java and your suggested name. Unless your name is a completely new word, it has likely been mentioned in the same document as the word Java at some point!

To have your project name rise to the top of Google, the important things are:

  • Pick a word that isn't too common - it doesn't need to be unique, but it needs to be a word that people aren't using on every single web page in the world.

  • Make sure it is prominent on all pages of your website, including in the title.

  • Get lots of people to link to your site (of course this is the tricky bit!) Open Source projects have a much better chance of getting to the top of Google for their name than websites on many other topics, simple because geeks generate a lot of links, esp. to sites hosting good, free, software.

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