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I am using Jquery UI Selectable. The user has the option to dynamically add new list items to the original setup.

I would like to include a 'clear' button that will give the user the ability to clear each individual item they created by clicking on an X input submit (img).

HTML (php)

    if ($this->session->userdata('inactivefilter') == true) {
            $inactivefilter = $this->session->userdata('inactivefilter');
            foreach ($inactivefilter as $filter)
                    $filterdash = implode('-', explode(' ', $filter));
                    echo "<li class='ui-state-default' id='$filterdash'>$filter</li>";
                    echo "<div id=clear>
                            <form method='POST' action='".base_url()."main/clear_filter'>
                                <input type='image' name='filtervalue' value='$i' src='".base_url()."img/board/icons/clear.png'></input>

This is where the list is created. specifically the clear_filter action form.

Clear_filter currently 'attempts' to grab the value of '$i' but I don't know how to pass that correctly.

here is the controller:

    public function clear_filter()
        $i = $_POST['filtervalue'];

I'll omit the clear_filter model due to its irrelevance to the problem.

Essentially, I just need $i to be picked up based on whatever value is clicked on in the dynamic form on the actual page.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Well, it seems like I just had things a bit backwards.

The code was more or less correct.

For Codeigniter, you catch the passed input value=$i by using the name ="filtervalue"

Change the controller code to :

$i = $this->input->post('filtervalue');

and $i is set to whatever value was clicked on.

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