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I have 2 languages in a app, english and spanish.

I have an object named Job and Job has and attribute integer named max_day_on_complete

In my view in english language I have:

<%= pluralize(@job.max_day_on_complete, 'day') %>

I get with this an output:

1 day
2 days
3 days

In spanish language day = día and days = días

But when I change my app to spanish language I can not see día, días words.

How can show in my view this words when I have my app in spanish language?

Thank you very much!

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Ok the problem was fixed.

In config/initializers/inflections.rb add:

# encoding: utf-8
ActiveSupport::Inflector.inflections do |inflect|
inflect.irregular('día', 'días')

In your view for example:

<%= pluralize(@job.max_day_on_complete, t('.max_day_on_complete')) %>

in your es.yml

       max_day_on_complete: "día"
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