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I need to calculate orders on a weekly and month basis. The code that I have setup so far is like so:

foreach ($commissions as $c) {
    $ts = strtotime($c['order_date']);

    $lastWeekKey = date("Y-m-d", strtotime('last monday', $ts));
    $nextWeekKey = date("Y-m-d", strtotime('next sunday', $ts));

    $stringDays = $lastWeekKey." to ".$nextWeekKey;

    if (!isset($dates[$stringDays])) {
        $dates[$stringDays] = 0;
    $dates[$stringDays] += $c['projected_payment'];

The problem here is that if the date falls on a Monday, then it gets last Monday and the next Sunday. I need it to count that Monday, not the next. The same will go for the month as well. In all, I am just looking for the most accurate and simplistic answer. It does not have to be in the format. For both monthly and weekly.

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Have you looked at the examples on the manual page for strtotime? –  Havelock May 30 '12 at 17:18
Checkout the different formatting parameters the date function offers. Then please explain why each of them all are not fitting. If there is a single one (and as you might guess, there is one ;)) that is fitting, name it as well. Congratulations in advance! –  hakre May 30 '12 at 21:07

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With your existing code, you can just add an if statement before you define your Key's. IE:

if($thisday==1) { //1 = Monday
    $lastWeekKey = date("Y-m-d",  strtotime('today',$ts));
    $nextWeekKey = date("Y-m-d",  strtotime('next sunday',$ts));
} else {
    $lastWeekKey = date("Y-m-d",  strtotime('next monday',$ts));
    $nextWeekKey = date("Y-m-d",  strtotime('next sunday',$ts));

You might have to check that "today" is the actual textual representations for the current day.

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if you use mysql you can let the sql do a lot of work.

$x = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `mysales` 
             WHERE `MerchantID`=’$id’
             AND `Saledate`  > ’TIMESTAMP(".strtotime(’-1 week’).")’");
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