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Problem: I have to color my results in the little dropdown based on their value.

Solution: Use the 'open' event hook to loop through options and assign a color.

Problem: So the documentation for the jQuery UI autocomplete says that the open event hook receives two arguments- 'ui' and 'event'. The problem is, 'ui' is just an empty object (someone filed a bug report about this, and the brilliant jQuery UI team said it's not a problem), and 'event' only has the input box, not the dropdown that's generated. At this point, the only way I can select my options list from here is to do this:

$( ).nextUntil("ul.ui-autocomplete").last().next()

That's gross. Please tell me there's a better way?

PS: If anyone says "Just use $('ul.ui-autocomplete')!" you've obviously never worked on anything more complicated than.... something that's not complicated.

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The official documentation is terrible, but after lots of exploring I figured it out:

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Are you writing a plugin? You can use this.element

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