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..\ Stands for one directory up.How to go two directories up ?

I recently installed sass css preprocessor.The thing runs on ruby and I need to give it a directory to watch the files.I put the code in the command line sass --watch style.scss:style.css and it works fine, but only reads files from Ruby193/bin directory.I want it to watch files from my desktop.I could get it to read files from one directory up by putting sass --watch ..\style.scss:..\style.css in the command line. ..\ successfully worked to go one directory up, but how to go 2 directories up ?

I tried logical solution to double ..\ , but it didn't work ;D sass --watch ..\..\style.scss:..\..\style.css

Ideally I would like to read files from c:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\ but I think I will have no problems to go a directory down by addiing \ after I get to know how to go 2 dir up or to use absolute directory.

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Actually, ..\..\ should work... Cp. – Stefan May 30 '12 at 17:20
@StefanP. I got it working at last.It had something to do with recycle bin, after I cleared it ..\..\ started working lol.Strangest think I saw – Tomas May 30 '12 at 17:39
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Try this. It's a very good book.
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I got it working by emptying recycle bin.When I used to try to get 2 dir up it would throw an error that some file in recycle bin doesn't exists.I cleaned the recycle bin and it works.Also when I tried to link it to a desktop it would also say that some file in child page of desktop doesn't exist so I mada a new folder, put files there and it works like a charm.

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