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DWORD OREnumValue(
  __in         ORHKEY Handle,
  __in         DWORD dwIndex,
  __out        PWSTR lpValueName,
  __inout      PDWORD lpcValueName,
  __out_opt    PDWORD lpType,
  __out_opt    PBYTE lpData,
  __inout_opt  PDWORD lpcbData

My Code:

public static extern uint OREnumValue(IntPtr Handle, uint dwIndex, [MarshalAsAttribute(UnmanagedType.LPWStr)] out StringBuilder lpValueName, ref int lpcValueName, out uint lpType, out IntPtr lpData, ref int lpcbData);

    IntPtr Handle=mykey;
    uint dwIndex=0;

    StringBuilder lpValueName = new StringBuilder(16383);
    int lpcValueName=lpValueName.Capacity;  

    uint lpType=0;
    IntPtr lpData;
    int lpcbData = int.MaxValue;

    uint ret3= OREnumValue(Handle, dwIndex, out lpValueName, ref lpcValueName, out lpType, out lpData, ref lpcbData);

This gives an error:


I think problem is either in

  1. lpData - what should I use for PBYTE? Or
  2. lpcbData - what capacity should I use?


If the buffer specified by lpData is not large enough to hold the data, the function returns ERROR_MORE_DATA and stores the required buffer size in the variable pointed to by lpcbData. In this case, the contents of lpData are undefined.

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Much the same as your previous question, this time it is RegEnumValue. Find pinvoke declarations at – Hans Passant May 30 '12 at 18:32
i tried sample from here it return ERROR_MORE_DATA – John May 30 '12 at 19:04
PBYTE sounds like a byte[] that needs to be filled. – leppie Jun 1 '12 at 6:36

You should NEVER explicitly define the length of the string builders, this value should be got using the method RegQueryInfoKey which will give you the length in bytes of the longest value name, subkey name and value data, which you can then use to initialise the string builders and byte arrays recieving the actual names and data. This means that you have the smallest possible amount of memory used whilst still being large enough to contain the result. I am pretty sure your problem is in the length you defined for lpValueName.

Also you should use UIntPtr rather than IntPtr and the lpData field should be a byte array if you want the data.

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This looks like a good answer - a small code sample demonstrating the proper usage would also help! – Hannele Jul 26 '13 at 15:53

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