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i am trying to go to an location choosen by my script. I'm using url() and drupal_goto() to archive this, but the fragment-option named at the url()-documentation-page seems not working like i understand it or more likely drupal_goto() is changing the link.

The link-string i want should look like:


but instead i'm getting the hash-sign encoded like


Here is my code:

$section = url( '/topsection/' . 'section', array( 'fragment' =>  'subsection', 'alias' => TRUE ) );
drupal_goto( $section );

Any help would be nice! Thank you.

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Ha! just found the solution:

I misunderstood the documentation. It is correctly telling that i should use drupal_goto() with fragment/anchor passed as option like i would give to url().

This is working:

drupal_goto( '/topsection/' . 'section', 
    'fragment' => 'subsection',
    'alias' => TRUE ) );
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Works fine. Thanks! Also is a right answer to this question. –  AlessMascherpa Aug 18 '12 at 21:20

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