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I have an array of event objects called events. Each event has markets, an array containing market objects. Inside here there is another array called outcomes, containing outcome objects.

I want to use Underscore.js or some other method to find all of the events which have markets which have outcomes which have a property named test.

I imagine this would be achieved using a series of filters but I didn't have much luck!

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Is there any inverse reference? I mean from outcome to market and so on. Because in this case you can just filter all the outcome objects those match your search and go backwards until the event, then clean up the array for unique elements. –  fguillen May 30 '12 at 18:00
Can you provide an example of this? –  Oliver Joseph Ash May 30 '12 at 18:13

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I think you can do this using the Underscore.js filter and some (aka "any") methods:

// filter where condition is true
_.filter(events, function(evt) {

    // return true where condition is true for any market
    return _.any(evt.markets, function(mkt) {

        // return true where any outcome has a "test" property defined
        return _.any(mkt.outcomes, function(outc) {
            return outc.test !== undefined ;
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I think maybe the user means lodash.js, as I don't see an _.any method in underscore.js lodash.com –  Fasani Apr 15 at 7:10
@Fasani it is Underscore, not Lodash. _.any is an alias for _.some: underscorejs.org/#some –  McGarnagle Apr 15 at 14:38

No need for Underscore, you could do this with native JS.

var events = [{markets:[{outcomes:[{test:x},...]},...]},...];
return events.filter(function(event) {
    return event.markets.some(function(market) {
        return market.outcomes.some(function(outcome) {
            return "test" in outcome;

Yet of course you could also use the corresponding underscore methods (filter/select and any/some).

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Try this:

_.filter(events, function(me) { 
    return me.event && 
        me.event.market && me.event.market.outcome && 
        'test' in me.event.market.outcome


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You forgot the markets and outcomes Arrays. –  Bergi May 30 '12 at 18:12

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