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I have my app with my labels written to centralize when its text was modified.

To make that I invoke a method through an EventHandler. I want to use same method to each one of my labels, but I don´t know how to identify in the method which label invoke it.

If I have a code like this:

       lbl_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
           label1.Location = new Point("label's location");
           ..more code..

and I invoke again that method from another label, how could I modify that code in order to know which label invoke it?

SOLUTION Thanks for the help, This is the first time I tried to make something with the event handler and didn't know that I need to cast the sender. That solves my problem.

Thanks for the help!

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The sender object in the event handler signature is the control that raised the event.

Simply cast this object and you have access to all the control's information.

Label label = sender as Label;

You do need to be a little bit careful with this, since you are assuming that only controls of type Label are raising events that have this handler method.

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That's what the sender is for:

Point p = ((Label)sender).Location;
// adjust p 
label1.Location = p;
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