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I have an internal site that runs under IE8 with Intranet settings, and thus runs in Compatibilty mode. I do not have the access or permission to force the site into regular mode using headers or IIS - in other words, it must run in Compatibility mode.

On the site, I have an Upload control that resides on an asp:Panel, that is associated with the ajax control toolkit's ModalPopupExtender. The Upload control is set to use 3 input boxes.

When the user opens the modal, and I have enablefileinputskinning="false", the input boxes have an inline style assigned from the Compatibility mode that sets the width as 15px.


If I set the enablefileinputskinning="true", the input boxes are the correct size, but are transparent through the modal down to the page, and the user can't interact with the elements


Any thoughts or ideas on how to get the input boxes to show correctly?

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After working with Telerik support, they provided the answer (using enablefileinputskinning='false'):

    width:380px !important;
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