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In .NET, we can easily access split command line arguments in a string array from the argument of Main(string[]) or Environment.GetCommandLineArgs(). However, is there a way to get the unparsed command line as one string?

Background: my app is adding itself to FileExplorer context menu (like Notepad++ does). When it's launched this way, the filename is passed in without quoting, which means if there are spaces in the path, it's broken down. I know I can fix this by embrace %1 in quotation marks in the registry like myapp.exe "%1", but when I check other application's registry they didn't do so. They are plain like notepad.exe %1 - they got the complete command line. I want to know if it is possible in .NET and how.

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Try using Environment.CommandLine

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This better make it to 30 characters.

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