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lets say i have a tr

<tr class='condition1'> mysql db record </tr>

and if that record id shows also in other table i want it to color the tr

my logic goes like that:

if record id is in the other table change class to condition 2 and the css will put the color on in.

hope i made myself clear and understood. im just not quite sure about my php tools i can achieve that.


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You should probably get this info in the query. Show us the query youre using and the table structures. –  Galen May 30 '12 at 19:10

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Store all IDs in an array for example,

$ids = array();

And then on every loop (I'm assuming)

// If exists, add .color
    <tr class='condition1 <?php echo (isset($ids[$id]) ? 'color' : ''); ?>'> mysql db record </tr>

// Add to array
    $ids[$id] = TRUE;
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