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OpenAL is one confusing project to pull up relevant information on. Is there an official OpenAL anymore? What is creativelabs control over the project?

I am looking for a cross platform audio library to support IOS (iPhones, Ipads), Android, Windows and Linux.

Does OpenAL fill this need? What is OpenAL's license? Although we intend to release some of our source code we have no interest in being forced to because of a license conflict.

There is enough evidence for me to assume it is working on Android Relevant links (Android OpenAL?) plus google searches yield positive results.

I realize Android has OpenSL officially supported. However Android appears to be the only platform which supports OpenSL currently so this is not an option.

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You could check to see if PortAudio supports iOS and Android -- it def supports windows, Linux and MacOS X, but it may be lower level than OpenAL, which I've never used. PA has a nice BSD-like license. I think someone is working on PA support for android, and while I'm pretty sure there is no support for iOS, it shouldn't be hard to take the old Mac OS X code and get iOS to work from there. There's also rtaudio, which may be better as far as that goes. You could also see what cinder and openframeworks use. –  Bjorn Roche May 30 '12 at 22:49

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I went with OpenAL-soft and OpenAL for windows. They are both the same interface so still one code base.

Android was easy. https://github.com/AerialX/openal-soft-android

IOS was even easier. You can add OpenAL.Framework to your XCode project. The header location is just different (OpenAL/al.h vs AL/al.h).

Linux is very easy. Install the openal dev package for your distro.

Windows was the biggest pain for OpenAL. In the end just install the original OpenAL SDK from creative. OpenAL does seem very choppy on Windows though. I get some popping and crackles now and then where on every other platform it is perfect. I might switch to OpenAL-soft for the windows distribution before release.

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what problems did you have with openal-soft in windows, or did you have any? –  rogerdpack Jul 18 '13 at 20:15

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