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I am trying to use the ROWVERSION (or TIMESTAMP) datatype on a SQL Server table for optimistic concurrency control.

My table is setup using FluentMigrator and I do not know how to get the datatype I need. According to Microsoft's article on ROWVERSION, a nonnullable ROWVERSION column is semantically equivalent to a binary(8) column; the nullable ROWVERSION datatype is equivalent to a varbinary(8).

Here is an example and as close as I can get...

public override void Up()

.WithColumn("RowVersion").AsBinary(8).NotNullable(); is the line I can't figure out... There is no .AsRowversion or .AsTimestamp option.

Thanks in advance!

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I don't know FluentMigrator, sorry. But FluentNHibernate has a method Version(x => x.VersionProperty) in ClassMap<T>, that enables NHibernate optimistic locking (the property can be any of any integer type or DateTime). Is there nothing similar in FluentMigrator? – rumpelstiefel May 30 '12 at 20:21
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Wow! How something can be so simple that I look right over the obvious...

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