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I'm using the RODBC package inside an ORACLE DATA BASE (DB). Everything is doing very well, but I need to obtain a table from this DB and some variables as characther type, not numbers.

So, I made my query like this:

e    ManzResul_VIII<-sqlQuery(con,"select distinct t.fono_id_dis,
            t.plancheta  from c_araya.proy_dist08_todo t  where nvl(t.fono_tipo_dis, '-') not in ('CLIENTE', 'POTENCIAL', 'CARTERA')  and nvl(t.x, 0) <> 0 ")

Is imposible to get the ID number as Character, this query change the type of my iDs variables from Character to Numberic type (The ID has a zero at the begining, but has been changed it into a number). I have read the function description, but I can see how to manage it.

Any idea would be really apreciated, thanks in advance!

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Does the select statement work as expected outside of R? If it does not then mplourde's answer should work. If it does then try sqlQuery(con,"select ...", – Seth May 30 '12 at 20:15
thank you @Seth !!! – José Ignacio May 30 '12 at 20:47

Change the query to cast the id to the data type you want:

select distinct cast(t.fono_id_dis as varchar(255)) as id
. . . 

This should work with most databases.

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