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I want to use Amazon’s SES (Simple Email Service) through the Developer Scripts for a PHP site, on an Ubuntu instance.

So far I'm successful in

  1. verifying an email
    ./ses-verify-identity.pl -k ./aws-credentials -v email@example.com
  2. use ses-send-email.pl with the same credentials to send a test email

But when I try to bind them into the sendmail_path config in php.ini

sendmail_path = "/opt/third-party/amazon/ses/ses-send-email.pl -k /opt/third-party/amazon/ses/aws-credentials -f email@example.com -r"

All I get in the Apache error log is this:

Unknown option: oi
    ses-send-email.pl [--help] [-e URL] [-k FILE] [--verbose] -s SUBJECT -f

    ses-send-email.pl [--help] [-e URL] [-k FILE] [--verbose] -r [-f

Can anybody please help me out?

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The error happens because PHPMailer calls the Postfix sendmail(1) with the option -oi:

  -oi    When reading a message from standard  input,  don't
         treat  a line with only a . character as the end of

which is not handled by ses-send-email.pl.

One possible fix is to just discard that option.

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