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Do PHP array keys need to we wrapped in quotes?
Is it okay to use array[key] in PHP?

This is the code I am running and I am wondering whether I should quote the word message with single quotes like the second line of code in this post. Which is best practice?

$post = array('message' => $result[message]);

Or this?

$post = array('message' => $result['message']);
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Do use strings!

Your first example, $post = array('message' => $result[message]);, would not execute the same if "message" were defined as a constant.

Also, with syntax highlighting,

// this
$post = array('message' => $result['message']);
// or this
$post = array('message' => $result["message"]);
// is more readable than this
$post = array('message' => $result[message]);
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I'd recommend the quotes for readability. When someone is reading your code, they might think that [message] is a variable, when in reality it's supposed to be a literal string: 'message'.

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Incorrect usage if the message constant is undefined or is defined but does not contain the value "message":

$post = array('message' => $result[message]);


Writing message (without $ sign) means you are accesing a PHP constant. PHP's default behaviour is to issue a notice that the constant is undefined, then convert the undefined constant's name to a value.

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