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I have a generic class, Storage, and another generic class, StoragePlus. I'm getting a bounded error mismatch error for the lines with comments in bold below.

Here's my code for the first class.

public class Storage<T extends Comparable<? super T>> {
//private T t;
private T[] isafe;
public int max;
private int nextIndex;

public Storage(int maxNum, T[] seedArr){

    if(maxNum < 0){
        throw new IllegalArgumentException();

        isafe = Arrays.copyOf(seedArr, maxNum);
        nextIndex = 0;
        max = maxNum;


and here's the code for the second class.

public class StoragePlus <T> extends Storage<T>{ **//getting an error here**

public StoragePlus(int maxNum, T[] arr){
    super(maxNum,(Comparable[]) arr);

public boolean equals(Object obj){
    if(obj == null|| obj.getClass() != this.getClass()){
        return false;
        if(obj == this){
            return true;    
        Storage<?> temp = (Storage<T>) obj; **// also getting an error here**
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I think you want

Storage<T extends Comparable<T>>
StoragePlus<T extends Comparable<T>> extends Storage<T>

And in equals you will only be able to cast Object to Storage<?>. Otherwise, you need @SuppressWarnings.

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Thank you! This was exactly what I needed. – walleyekep May 30 '12 at 22:30
You're quite welcome. If it answered your question, please mark it as the accepted answer. – John Watts May 30 '12 at 23:29

Because you're not restricting the T for StoragePlus.

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