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I learned we should assgin a .bin file to the Source attribute of Siverlight MultiScaleImage. For example, I learned from here (refers to code sample in section Anonymous Methods for Events),


But I have tried using export function of Deep Zoom Composor will never generate .bin file. Here are my screen snapshots. Any ideas what is wrong?

(I am using VSTS 2008 + .Net 3.5 + C#.)

Blend Properties

Folder Contents

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The MultiScaleImage control's Source property can be set in a couple different ways. If you're setting it in XAML, you can point to the dzc_output.xml file (located in the GeneratedImages folder) directly like so:

<MultiScaleImage x:Name="Foo" Source="/GeneratedImages/dzc_output.xml" />

You can also set it in code, you you need to take the extra step of assigning it as a DeepZoomImageTileSource:

Foo.Source = new DeepZoomImageTileSource(
             new Uri("/GeneratedImages/dzc_output.xml", UriKind.Relative));

Hope that helps!

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Inside the GeneratedImages folder is an xml file called dzc_output.xml that should be the new end-point for a MultiScaleImage.

With the new versions of DeepZoomComposer, the bin file format has been replaced with this new xml file.

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