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So I have tried to search for solutions online, but could not find any. Basically, I have a command like this:

for /D %%X in (s*) do copy f1.txt %%X\f1.txt && copy f2.txt %%X\f2.txt

However, if f1.txt does not exist, I get a The system cannot find the file specified and f2.txt is NOT copied for the given directory.

How can I get around this to have f2.txt copied even if f1.txt does not exist? Note, I can't simply split into two different lines because I have these copy statements in a huge for loop with many commands.

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Thanks for your response JMC. It led me to find this web page.

There, I found that I should change the && to an & actually:

command1 & command2: Use to separate multiple commands on one command line. Cmd.exe runs the first command, and then the second command.

So it should be:

for /D %%X in (s*) do copy f1.txt %%X\f1.txt & copy f2.txt %%X\f2.txt
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Correct. The command that follows && executes only if the previous one didn't fail. And with ||, by the way, it's just the other way: the next command is invoked only of the previous command did fail. You need & if you want both to run independently of each other's result. – Andriy M May 31 '12 at 7:59

Change the && to the ||

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