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Why does the query produce this error?

ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis 00907. 00000 - "missing right parenthesis"

select * from
  (select * from dual) alias1,

  (select * from dual) alias2

I get an error on 10g and 11g

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just remove the outer () – Amyth May 30 '12 at 21:47
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Incorrect SQL syntax. Remove outer pair of parenthesis, like this:

select * from 
(select * from dual) alias1, 
(select * from dual) alias2;
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Your parentheses are balanced, but the parser is confused, and in its confusion, it generated a sub-optimal error message.

You could write something like:

  FROM (SELECT * FROM Dual) Alias1
  JOIN (SELECT * FROM Dual) Alias2 ON 1 = 1;
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